Mike Adamle best known as the co host of American Gladiators

Is a former interviewer, play by play commentator and even former General Manager of Raw.       

On January 27th 2008 At the Royal Rumble, Adamle started working as a interviewer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) He then worked as a interviewer on WWE Raw, often making mistakes with each onscreen appreance. During his debut, he mistakenly reffered to Jeff Hardy as "Jevst Harvey". He later became ECW's play by play announcer on April 15th replacing Joey Styles. Adamle continued to make frequent mistakes during his commentary duties on ECW, with former ECW Owner and Booker Paul Heyman and former talent Lance Storm criticizing Adamle for them on April 29 Adamle left a broadcast on ECW before the main event match and his partner Tazz was asked to do the same. This was worked into a storyline as WWE reported Adamle and Tazz may have left due to fan criticism of Adamle's commentary.The following week he cut a promo apologizing for his actions. On July 28 episode of Raw Executive Vice President Shane McMahon announced that Adamle was the new General Manager of Raw. During his tenure as General Manager he promoted a variety of high-profile matches that he dubbed as "Adamle Originals"

On October 27 episde of Raw as part of his storyline he slapped Randy Orton as Orton insulted him personally.The following week on Raw during an in ring segment with Shane McMahon and Orton Adamle resigned from his position of Raw General Manager. However, even though his new character allowed him to carry a script on camera, the mistakes still continued   

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