Team Anxiety
Team Anxiety
Billing information
Members Dylan Anarchy
Brett Alchemy
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Debut {{{debut}}}
Disbanded {{{disbanded}}}
Federation(s) World Wrestling Entertainment
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Finisher Shock Drop

Team Anxiety are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Dylan Anarchy and Brett Alchemy. They currently wrestle in Extreme Championship Wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Wrestling detailsEdit

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Shock Drop (STO (Anarchy) / Russian legsweep (Alchemy) combination)
  • Signature tag team moves
    • Double lifting DDT
    • Samoan drop (Anarchy) / Diving neckbreaker (Alchemy) combination
  • Dylan Anarchy's finishing moves
    • Cradle Shock (Cross–legged Samoan driver)
    • Future Shock (Shooting star DDT)
  • Brett Alchemy's finishing moves
    • Alchemy Bomb' (Fireman's carry powerbomb)
    • Thunder Express (Bridging wheelbarrow suplex)
  • Theme Music

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