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| name = Tommy Dreamer | names = Dreamer | nickname = The Innovator of Violence | image = Tommy Dreamer.jpg | image_width = 280px | height = 6 ft 2 in | weight = 255 lb | born = February 14, 1971 | hometown = Flag of the United States Yonkers, New York | music = "Nightmare" by The Slashtones | affiliation = ECW,RAW,TNA,HOH | current_efeds = [HOH] [TNA] | brand = Impact Wrestling | previous_efeds =[WWE]-[RAW] | gimmick = | alignment = Face | wrestling_style = | finisher = Dreamer DDT
Dreamer Driver | accomplishments = ECW Champion,Hardcore Champion }}

Tommy Dreamer (born February 14, 1971) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling and owner of House of Hardcore (HOH) and TNA. he was trained by johnny rodz

Wrestling detailsEdit

  • Primary Finisher
    • Dreamer DDT (DDT, sometimes landing the opponent on the top of their head in a vertical position)
  • Secondary Finisher
    • Dreamer Driver (Death Valley driver, sometimes preceded by spinning the opponent around)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Cloverleaf
    • Diving splash
    • Fallaway slam
    • Falling neckbreaker
    • Inverted DDT, usually preceded by a scoop lift
    • Overhead gutwrench flipped sideways into a cutter
    • Pumphandle suplex
    • Running low–angle dropkick to an opponent in the tree of woe position, usually preceded by shouting "ECW"
    • Running one–handed bulldog
    • Running somersault senton off of the ring apron onto a standing opponent
    • Sitout spinebuster pin
  • Nickname
    • The Innovator of Violence
  • Theme Music EV2.0

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