The WWE Draft is held on WWE Raw June 11 once every year. Its a three hour event coonsisting of Raw, WWE Smackdown and ECW were the three brands will fight for titles and draft picks. Draft Picks are when a Superstar or Diva will be drafted to another brand were a Superstar who wins a match will have a draft piock and the loser will lose superstar. The last match is a tri branded 15 man Battle Royale were all three brands get five Superstars to particpate ine the Royal and the last brand still in the ring wins two Draft picks from the other two brands.

WWE Draft 2009Edit

Raw: 5 SD: 6 ECW: 3

There will be 13 matches and 14 Draft Picks.


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# Match Stipulations
1 Big Daddy V defeates Tommy Dreamer Singles match:1 Draft Pick
2 CM Punk defeates Carlito For the Extreme Championship Title:1 Draft Pick
3 Beth Phoenix defeates Lara singles match:1 Draft Pick
4 Kofi Kingston defeates Shannon Moore Extreme Rules Match for the United States Championship Title:1 Draft Pick
5 Road Warrior Animal defeats Ted DiBiase Total Submission Match: 1 Draft Pick
6 Shelton Benjamin defeats Bobby Lashley Money in the Bank ladder match: 1 Draft Pick
7 Randy Orton defeats King Booker Table match:1 Draft Pick
8 Zack Ryder defeats Primo singles match: 1 Draft Pick
9 Mike Knox defeats Yoko singles match: 1 Draft pick
10 Ezekiel Jackson defeats Jesse singles match: 1 Draft pick
11 Chris Jericho defeats Eddie Guerrero singles match: 1 draft pick
12 Gregory Helms defeats Jack Swagger Total Submission match: 1 Draft Pick
13 Team Smackdown (Cryme Tyme,Jeff Hardy,Triple H and Mark Henry) defeats Team Raw (Dolph Ziggler, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and The Great Khali) and Team ECW (Matt Hardy, Scotty Goldman, Goldust, Tommy Dreamer and Ezekiel Jackson) Tribranded 15 Man Battle Royal:2 Draft Picks

Battle Royal elimanationsEdit

Superstar battle royal eliminations

Red ██ and "Raw" indicates a Raw Superstar, blue ██ and "SD" indicates a SmackDown Superstar, purple ██ and "ECW" indicates an ECW Superstar.

Superstar Brand Order of Elimination Eliminated by
Dolph Ziggler Raw 1 Jeff Hardy
Scotty Goldman ECW 2 The Great Khali
Goldust ECW 3 Mark Henry
The Great Khali Raw 4 Mark Henry
Cryme Tyme Smackdown 5 and 6 Tommy Dreamer, and Ezekiel Jackson
Tommy Dreamer ECW 7 The Undertaker
Jeff Hardy Smackdown 8 HBK
Shawn Michaels Raw 9 Undertaker
Mark Henry Smackdown 10 John Cena
Ezekiel Jackson ECW 11 Triple H
The Undertaker Raw 12 Triple H
Matt Hardy ECW 13 Triple H
John Cena Raw 14 Triple H
Triple H Smackdown 15 WINNER

People who got DraftedEdit

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Smackdown Snitsky Male Wrestler ECW
2 Smackdown Christian Male Wrestler Raw
3 Raw Lara Female Wrestler ECW
4 Smackdown R-Truth Male Wrestler Raw
5 ECW Goldust Male Wrestler Raw
6 Smackdown Finlay Male Wrestler Raw
7 Raw Chris Benoit Male Wrestler ECW
8 ECW Matt Hardy Male Wrestler Raw
9 Raw TKA Tilli Male Wrestler ECW
10 ECW Montel Vontavious Porter Male Wrestler Smackdown
11 Raw Doink the Clown Male Wrestler ECW
12 Raw Maryse Female Wrestler Smackdown
13 Smackdown Nunzio Male Wrestler Raw
14 Smackdown Jim Duggen Male Wrestler ECW